Family Films

There's BEAUTY in everyday moments.

Ever watch those families on TV commercials and marvel at the beauty of it all?


The steaming cup of coffee. The kids laughing as they play. The dog snoozing on the kitchen floor.


We believe that SAME BEAUTY IN YOUR LIFE deserves to be captured.


In a digital age, video is how we'll look back on our stories.


The story of your family, well, it deserves more than 10-second clips on your phone.


It deserves artistry and intention. Truth and love.



One-time slice-of-life session with your family,

as they are today.

• 2-3 Minute Film

• 60 Minutes with one videographer on-location (within 1 hour of Milwaukee)



Standard Price: $975


Curate a library of Family Films with 5 consecutive annual sessions.


• (5) 2-3 Minute Films - 1 per year
• (5) 10-20 Second Social Media Films - 1 per year

• (1) 3-5 Minute Overview Film - delivered with year 5

• Includes hard drive with all raw footage


• Up to 75 Minutes with (1) videographer on-location
(within 1 hour of Milwaukee)


Standard Price: $4,875



The days are long, but the years are short.


You go from squishy newborn snuggles to homework help, and before you know it you're researching colleges.


Through all of that constant change, with little sleep and packed schedules, we forget. Even a few months ago can feel like a lifetime - one that is easily lost to time.


Don't lose it.


A Family Film is your chance to capture the magic of your family as it is today, and to keep it alive. Hidden away for a future you to pull out to relive the beauty that is woven in the little moments with your kids as they are now.


Don't miss it.


The story of your family is important. It's worth telling and keeping.


CREATIVE ways to use Family Films





Holiday Gift for Grandparents


Last Days of Summer


Fall Fun - leaves, apple picking, pumpkin carving


Morning Routine


Winter Fun - Sledding, ice skating, hot chocolate, warm snuggles


Family Traditions - camping, fishing, favorite park or beach trips



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