Stomping, romping, tromping. Running, spinning, whirling. Laughing, crying, yawning. (But never tired) Being a kid is a crazy adventure. And we think it's best captured when you let a kid be a kid. When they feel free to let their personality shine through. When we can play and laugh with your family. Thats when your kids will give us their best silly face or crazy grin. We know the task of preparing for a photo session can be daunting. It requires more packing, prepping and planning (and replanning) than you thought - heck, a trip to the grocery store can be that way too when you have kids! So we think this should be fun and not stressful. Don't worry about your kid sitting still for the perfect portrait. (Although chances are we will get a great shot of them sitting and looking at the camera at some point!) But you'll like the ones where he's busting a gut or poking his sister much better later. Let's be real. It's a more accurate representation of life. And that's what you want to look back at.  

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